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Crash Lock Bottom Carton Gluing Machine

Crash lock bottom carton gluing machine can be found in all packaging companies. Many models of this machine are available. The buyers search and find the right machine by identifying their pasting speed, stability, and technical details, like max paper in size, min paper in size, max finished products in size, min finished products in size, longest paper, shortest paper, min pasting side, etc. Card board and corrugated paper are pasted and formed into boxes. The pasting method followed in this machine include gluing sides and bottom and locking the side. Boxes that can be developed using this machine can be Medicine box, Cosmetic box, Electric components box, CD box, Document box, and many more.

Key points:

  • The gluing process transforms a piece of paper or board into a finished box.
  • The machine folds the paper along lines that are pre-creased, apply glue and assemble the box.
  • These high productivity models developed after extensive research are available at best available price.
  • This machine is designed to make lower noise and for longer service life.